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Digital Reporting & Analytics

Central to our strategy and digital initiatives is data. Data is viewed through the lens of:

Site Tune and Audit

Every website needs a health check to ensure data integrity is maintained. Site Auditing looks to provide feedback on tracking quality, data accuracy, analytics governance, review of appropriate use of technology solutions and availability of customer segments. The Audit report provides recommendations to improve the quality of your website.

Analysis and Insights

To ensure we have our finger on the pulse for site performance, analysis and insights can be provided regularly or on an ad hoc basis as required. Having a clear understanding of how your customers are interacting with the available digital touch points is crucial to the overall success of your digital marketing strategy.

Integrated Dashboards

As customer centricity is core, it is vital to view data in a holistic manner and understand the levers of change that will drive the highest performance. We take data at every stage of the customer journey - from acquisition & site engagement to conversion - across a range of platforms and integrate it in a holistic view. This gives business executives and marketers quick access to the health and performance of their digital initiatives and investment.

Analytics Platform Implementation

2DataFish are experts in understanding your business needs, translating those needs into tracking and technical solutions and ensuring an output that meets your data requirements.

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